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Help with Hydro Design

Started by Bigfootgordon, August 17, 2023, 02:27:06 AM

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I have a large river with a swift current on my property. I'm looking to power my home off of the river. I'm new to electrical besides basic household wiring. Can someone with some knowledge in this field give me some ideas for a design to run power from the river to my home. I'm looking to have a submerged object that's not going to move in the current, and can also withstand cold temperatures, producing the power. I was trying to figure out a design that would sit on the bottom of the river, a base with an arm on each side with a rotating paddle type wheel in the middle. Any ideas on what to use? And also exactly what else will I need after I come up with a rotating wheel that can produce power? How do I get that power to my home exactly? Is it similar to a solar panel setup, where the power is harnessed and stored in a battery and then the battery is used to power the home? Or is it different since the wheel will theoretically produce the exact same constant charge?

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Best Wishes!