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General / Looking for general advice for home heating
October 04, 2021, 04:37:18 PM
I was granted £10,000 by the Green Homes Grant scheme to have an Air Source Heat pump installed.

My property is quite a way from the road, so there is no mains gas available, when we moved into the house it was heated by an old Oil powered boiler that was condemned shortly after we moved in so we pulled that and the ugly plastic tank out. So when I saw the Green Homes Grant scheme I jumped at the chance of getting a new system that would provide heat and water more economically than using imersion heaters and oil filled portable radiators.

In a nut-shell the electricity network provider have said they need to increase the capacity on the electricity supply to my home prior to installing the Heat Pump, they are giving my ball park figures to increase capacity at around £25,000 (basically run a new cable from the road 350m away to the property)

My question to you knowledgeable folk out there is "What would you advise as to an alternative"