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Solar PV / Luxpower Hybrid
November 29, 2023, 05:42:37 PM
I've got a Luxpower Hybrid Inverter LXP-3.6k, Solar PV Panels, and Uhome LFP 2400 batteries x2 installed at my property.
I obtained 2 new Uhome 2400 batteries, so now 4.
However even with help of the original installers tech support I cannot get the new batteries acknowleded on the system. Originally set the dip switches so it was a 4 battery setup and cabled them up, the system didn't recognise them. Then it was advised that as they were new the SOC would be different and needs to be within 2v. Charged the 2 original batteries to 32%, and them attempted to charge the 2 new ones which were both on 1. First battery only showed a trickle of a couple w, second battery would charge, then drop off system, before reconnecting and charging a bit more. Finally got it to 32%. Tech then advised just connecting 3 batteries in parallel to see if they charged. However when connecting the batteries (tried all 3 as a master) the Fault light comes on on the master battery. Even when I revert back to the 2 original batteries I get same error. Now I know Support have been making backend changes in an attempt to get connection, but I don't have access to this part so no idea what options or settings are available in it, or if it's a website or app. I'm using the LuxPowerTek App for Android so can see the setup but there's no configuration in it, I also installed the Uhome app so I can see more detailed information on the batteries.
Has anyone ever added extra batteries to a system and know exactly what I should be doing? Seems technical doesn't have much experience of adding additional batteries.
Wind Turbines / 12v Turbine Wiring
October 14, 2019, 09:03:39 AM
Not sure my solar/wind setup is working.
The solar side seems fine, but think the problem might be with the wind turbine wiring. My turbine has 2 wires, my charge controller has a 3 wire input, all 3 are green. Any idea if this is compatible, and what wiring should be?
Wind Turbines / Cheap 12v Turbine
September 15, 2019, 06:04:17 PM
Hello, I'm in a rather windy location in Scotland, thankfully.
I have a 12v gate opener, and an electric fence that I run off of 2 x 12 volt batteries currently charged by solar panels. I'm trying to add a small 12v wind turbine to keep the batteries topped up. I opted fore a cheap'ish 5 blade turbine off of EBay (12v 500w 5 blade wind turbine).
I've setup the turbine but I don't feel its operating correctly. When the turbine gets up to a good speed it seems to turn itself out of the wind either 180deg or a slow 360deg back into the wind to start again. Watching the way its operating I'd describe it as a gyroscopic effect on the spin. The seller is blaming air turbulence. Is there any way to determine whats causing it?