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Installing underground water tanks residentially

Started by CuriousGeorge, December 03, 2015, 03:58:01 PM

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Is it possible to buy huge underwater tanks and have these installed on your land? If you have a large garden for example, it could be plausible to dig it up, install a tank the size of a cargo container, put the plumbing in and re-bury it. Maintenance may be an issue down the line, but otherthan that you've got a fantastic source of multi-purpose water (although I wouldn't drink it!)

Does anyone know if equipment like this is sold for the residential market? And would you need some kind of planning permission?


Seems very impractical, and I can imagine the planning permission would be a nightmare at best. If you have massive grounds you could probably do it yourself, but certainly not in a normal residential area. I imagine preppers would be clued up on this if you know any.


I think it all comes down to land. If you have acres of land, and plan to use a lot of water gardening, then I absolutely think this is a good course of action. If you have a large private estate, I'm not actually sure planning permission would be necessary, and if it is I don't think it would be too difficult to achieve.