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What countries/states restrict or regulate the collection of rainwater?

Started by LucidEnergy, November 24, 2015, 09:21:23 PM

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I've heard that in some places, permits are required to collect rainwater. Nothing like that exists in England but I've heard stories of people in the US who have been denied permits.  It seems counter-intuitive as the amount your demand falls by, would be greater than the replenishment of water tables.


That just seems silly. I'm glad we don't have anything like that here, I have to bang my head against brick walls enough as it is. A quick bit of research tells me 11 states in the US have some kind of restriction, whilst simultaneously some states actually encourage it with tax incentives. I think you only really get into trouble if you take the mickey though, like the guy in Colorado who built a huge system of dams and prevented run off into the water table  ::)