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Dowell Solar/Battery storage system

Started by mundy1982, April 29, 2018, 09:54:18 PM

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Hi all can anybody help? My mother has had the system bolted onto her existing solar system the make of inverter is Dowell, The system is supposed to charge up batteries during the day then run the house at night she was told most of the night.
The company has changed this equipment three times and still don't have it right they have since gone bust :o :'( when the panels stop generating she is lucky to get half an hour a day out of the batteries.
Now I am an electrician the house is pulling hardly any power compared to what these can supposedly can supply but I don't have enough knowledge in solar systems to sort this?
Is this a programming error or a wiring error or a battery error? The batteries are wired in series so maybe one of those are discharging to quick?
Is there anybody out their with expert knowledge in Dowell???????? Please help :)


Hi is it Dowell that has gone bust or the original installer ?

Can you upload some pictures of the install including the battery.

How big is your mothers PV system ?


Hi yes its the installer that has gone bust,
it is a 4k system?
many thanks
Im having issues uploading pics to this site however the batteries are lead crystal by a company called skycorp each battery is 12v 170Ah wired in series x4
Hope this helps?