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Photovoltaic Agriculture: a Perfect Combination of modern agriculture and photov

Started by JoeyHuang, June 07, 2016, 02:27:46 AM

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Photovoltaic Agriculture: a Perfect Combination of modern agriculture and photovoltaic power generation :-*
There is no denying that at present solar energy is the safest, most reliable and cleanest natural energy in the world. Photovotaic agriculture, a new agriculture industry, can convert solar energy photovoltaic into electricity and apply to agricultural activities, such as planting, breeding, irrigation and plant diseases. Generally speaking, photovoltaic agriculture plays a significant role in wide applications of modern agriculture and has high ecological and economic benefits.
Several characteristics of current photovoltaic agriculture:
*Emerging technology industry (modern agriculture and photovoltaic power generation)
*Multiple benefits (Power generation, agriculture, ecological improvement and multi functions).
*Save land( stereo use of land with lower cost).
*Transboundary application and capital operation ( an integration of various industrial    and commercial entrepreneurs and Internet technology, new energy, modern agriculture and other fields).

Although the theory of photovoltaic agriculture is based on the production mechanism of field crops, it already possesses the features of comprehensiveness, multi-subjects and cross fields. Consequently it needs more extensive research, practice and promotion. Due to high density of China's city buildings, it's difficult for photovoltaic power generation to play a role. However, vast vegetable bases, breeding bases and wasteland surfaces break this situation.

Industrial and commercial capital of the enclosure movement will inevitably lead to a large number of landless peasants. Only by involving in the modern agriculture industry and becoming industrial workers, can we in turn promote the urbanization construction and consume surplus labor force, which will benefit the development of economy and domestic demands. Therefore, the modernization of China's agricultural industry is imperative.
As the basis of China's agriculture, it' difficult for basic farmland resources to have profound changes in laws and policies in the short term. Inefficient land of agricultural projects is also hard to win the favor of industrial and commercial capital because of poor investment returns. Complementary agricultural system will be the best combination of China's industrialization and modernization of agriculture in the future --- photovoltaic agriculture exactly complies with the market demands. China's special situation determines photovoltaic agriculture's practical significance. As a policy guidance, photovoltaic agriculture will not only greatly promote the development of urbanization and agriculture, but also serve as an essential experimental plot to accelerate solving China's "three rural" issues.

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