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Carter 25 kw wind generator

Started by Gary Charlton, August 22, 2020, 03:07:56 AM

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Gary Charlton

Hi, I am new to this forum. The reason I am here is to seek info on a Carter 25 kw wind generator. When the person I work for purchased this system( used) he did not receive and diagrams of this generator. What I am trying to find out is there is a 2 wire magnetic sensor that is triggered by one of the gears in the transmission. I assume it is to monitor the speed the generator is turning. This is a 3 phase 25 kw generator and has a control box that has three hand made circuit boards and a transformer. Since this not a permanent  magnet generator would this box and the sensor be used as an exciter circuit to get the generator working. This system mounts on an 80 foot pole and I am trying to figure out the wiring before it is erected. Any input would be great. Thanks.


Hi Gary, as its an asynchronous generator you can treat it as essentially an electric motor, it shouldn't need to be excited but will need to be bumped or motor started to whatever the cut in speed is. are these wires coming out of the generator? if so its likely they are for a thermocouple. RPM sensors would normally pick up from the shaft somewhere. i don't know this particular turbine but I'm familiar with other small scale asynchronous machines and you would typically have a high speed (generator) and low speed (rotor) rpm pickups.

Gary Charlton

No the wires do not come out of the motor they come out of a sensor attached to the gear box and appears to be a Hall Effect device picking up a signal from one of the gears in the gear box. I am hoping to find info on available modern control systems to more efficiently harvest the energy and use an electrically controlled braking system rather than a mechanical brake system. Also am wanting info on using this wind system along with the 9.5kw solar system we just installed and the 19kw back up generator.