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Research in to Oil Contamination of Wind Turbines

Started by FAST LTD, December 08, 2017, 02:36:32 PM

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Hi Everybody,
We are currently carrying out an in depth research as to whether the locations of wind turbines has a direct effect of contamination of oils in Wind Turbines. We have been analysing wind turbine oils in our laboratory for 8 years and have noticed trends in contamination. We are trying to build up a mainland map of the UK, split in to counties so that we can look at the geology surrounding the areas where turbines are installed. The purpose of this research is to help turbine owners, manufacturers and installers improve the oil cleanliness levels to reduce wear and prolong the turbine oil lifespan.
We would be grateful for any information that will assist our research particularly relating to any of the following: Wind Turbine Name, owner, location, grid co-ordinates etc.
Thank you in advance for nay information we receive.
Andrew Fraser (Managing Director) and Peter Wildgoose (Research & Development)


Good luck on your research.
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