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Wind solar system

Started by Djb1, November 19, 2020, 09:49:23 PM

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Can anyone advise why when I connect my 500w cheap turbine it spins as you would expect it to but then I connect the 500w resister that came with my mppt charger it slows down to a crawl. The system has 2 300w solar panels which have worked fine until the darker days so I've purchased this cheap Chinese turbine, claims to be 500w but more like 100 if that, it does produce 10 amps in very strong wind but only for short bursts


Hi there,

It sounds like you are overloading the turbine, but I would need to see the type of turbine you have to know for sure
but you would want to use maybe a 300w resistor instead otherwise there may be so much resistance so the turbine cant turn or turn slowly.
Are you using batteries also ?

I have 3 chinese turbines 500w, 400w x 2
Theres alot of fake turbines out there from china you got to make sure the turbine
is legit usually by reviews.I have a youtube channel but I cant post a link here, so if u youtube "50 amps peak" it should come up 2nd
page is called Off Grid Amps