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Why is it so hard to get advice on green energy?

Started by andepearson, April 01, 2022, 11:45:19 AM

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Hi everyone, i'm new here and I joined as i'm really struggling to find someone that could just offer good advice. I'm all for reading countless webpages and understand the benefits of renewables but why is it so hard to find people that have knowledge in what 'should' be a pretty big industry by now.

I live in Southampton; on top of a hill with pretty good wind speeds I think (no idea in reality) and as many home owners i'm looking to ways to help reduce our reliance on supplied energy and make use of natures 'clean' resources. Trouble is as a completely naive domestic user; I just want someone to speak to... discuss and review our location and suggest options - without necessarily committing to installs. Is it just me; do these skills exist?  ???