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A new kind of wind power generator

Started by RevI, December 04, 2023, 02:07:44 AM

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I am an Indian inventor. For a long time, I am continuing personal research about a new kind of wind power generation system. Recently, while searching net, I have found out that the necessary machinery is already available in market. In short, the machine now can be built easily.
At present, I have completed the CAD drawing and done some ANSYS simulation testing. As per the latest simulation where the RPM was set of 3600, the torque was found to be around 1.52 Newton-meter for a machine of 35 cm diameter and the input wind velocity was set to be 6 m/s. For me, this is promising result and I can say that no wind turbine in anywhere around the world of that little diameter can generate such torque at this RPM.
I want to know how close a real prototype of similar parameters will perform in reality. Hope there are experts here who can give valuable input in this regards.

Tim Gard

There is only one very important ability that all wind turbines lack. Is it base load capable? If not, then there are already many designs of that nature at every imaginable size.


For now, let's put the issue of base load capacity aside. You are saying that there many designs. Kindly show me just one with similar diameter that can generate at least half of the output that this machine can generate at this specific wind velocity i.e. 6 m/s wind.


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