Biomass boiler and Pellet boiler Prices in the UK

When considering switching your current domestic energy source to a renewable energy alternative most people will probably think of solar power. However, heating your home with the installation of a biomass boiler also represents another option. Here we consider some of the things that you will need to take into account when looking at biomass boiler prices and whether having a biomass boiler fitted in your home makes sense to you.

At present biomass boilers represent only a small part of the overall boiler market. Undoubtedly this is because of the high cost of biomass boiler prices and their installation costs. It is estimated that typically it will cost you around £12,000 to have a biomass boiler installed in your home. Manual biomass boilers are perhaps a cheaper alternative – this is because the wood/fuel is fed into the boiler by hand. A manual biomass boiler will perhaps save you around £5,000 to have installed.

The other thing that needs to be considered when looking at biomass boiler process is their running costs. Biomass boilers use wood pellets as their fuel source and these typically cost around £150 – £200 per tonne. When you consider that a typical home will probably use around 11 tonnes of fuel per year then you can perhaps add a further £2,000 onto the cost of the first year of having a boiler installed into your home.

Against this, the government does offer some help in the form of its Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP). This comes in the form of a voucher and may save you around £1,000 on the cost of installation.

It is certainly the case that using renewable energy sources such as having a biomass boiler installed in your home will greatly reduce the amount of electricity that you will consume in a typical year. However, you do need to bear in mind that it my take many years to achieve this savings when you consider the initial outlay that has to be made to have the boiler installed. In the long run, and once you have recouped your initial outlay, however, it is unquestionable that you will make significant savings on your energy costs.

Perhaps the other thing that you need to think about when looking at biomass boiler prices is how will having what is currently an unconventional source of domestic energy production fitted in your home affect its value? There is currently very little research into this question so you might need to think about this carefully, especially if you are thinking about moving home in a few years time.

Like all types of renewable energy sources, biomass boilers remain at present an expensive option to conventional domestic energy sources. However, this could well change in the coming years as the more popular they become the more that prices will fall. This, indeed, may well become a reality, especially when set against the government’s drive to hit the 15% target of the UK’s total energy consumption by renewable resources by 2020.


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