Manufacturers of Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems

Manufacturers of Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery encompasses a wide range of systems including HRVSs, heat pumps, and flue economisers, both on a domestic and industrial scale. Like many green technologies, manufacturing of heat recovery systems has risen dramatically in the last 20 to 30 years. Below are some of the major players and leading manufacturers of heat recovery technology today.

Finding the Right Heat Recovery Manufacturers

  • When looking for the right manufacturer for your heat recovery unit it makes sense to know what you are talking about, so take a look at our types of system here.
  • The next thing you need to consider is the budget you have for the job. Most installers will have an alliance to a particular make or model of heat recovery unit which they are skilled and trained to fit.
  • The price of the unit needs to include the installation cost and you may also like to think about future maintenance and how much that will set you back.

The list below is not exhaustive but will give you an idea of the kind of systems currently on the market.


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Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems


Started in a garage over 50 years ago, AirFlow produces a wide range of environmental management systems including heat recovery and ventilation units for the home and business.


Based in Ireland, Brookvent have recently moved into mechanical ventilation manufacture and development and have produced a number of heat recovery systems with a high level of efficiency for domestic and social housing.

Davis Energy Group

Based in California, the Davis Energy Group has been supplying heat recovery and ventilation systems and innovations since 1981.

Global Geothermal

Manufacturers of industrial sized heat recovery systems, Global Geothermal are a Japanese based company with a worldwide reach.


Manufacturing and developing both domestic and commercial heat recovery and ventilation systems, Nuaire have been providing a service since 1963.


PolyPipe are manufacturers of domestic heat recovery and ventilation systems that can be either wall or loft mounted.

Pro-Air Systems

With 25 years of experience, Pro-Air provides Heat Recovery and Ventilation systems for domestic properties. They also offer a bespoke design service to make sure you home is as energy efficient as possible.

Ultimate Air

Professing to be one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation systems, Ultimate Air is a player in both the USA and Europe.


Canadian based Venmar provides a wide range of ventilation systems for both domestic and business use and was founded in 1978.


Vent-Axia are a UK Company that has been working on ventilation systems since the 1930s and is at the forefront of Lo-carbon initiatives today, offering heat recovery for domestic, business, and industrial properties.


With more than 40 years’ experience manufacturing heat recovery systems, this Scandinavian/UK company produces the SAVE range of ventilation units.


The Zenhder Group is based in Switzerland but the large part of their business is in America. They have been manufacturers of high quality heat recovery and ventilation systems for the last 100 years.

Heat Pump Manufacturers

Danfoss Heat Pumps UK

Danfoss are leading manufacturers for domestic, business and commercial heat pumps and are based in Sheffield.

Ebac Heat Pumps

Founded way back in 1972, Ebac are one of the longstanding UK manufacturers of heat pumps for domestic use.

Kensa Heat Pumps

A relative newcomer to the heat recovery market, Kensa boast that they produced 25% of the UKs needs in 2012. Based in Cornwall they specialise in Ground Source Heat Pumps.


Manufacturers of air and ground source heat pumps, Nibe also produce heat recovery and ventilation units and biomass boilers.

Worcester-Bosch Group

Manufacturers of the Greenstore ground source heat pumps, Worcester-Bosch are at the forefront of home renewable technologies.

Flue Economiser Manufacturers

Clyde-Bergman Power Group

Clyde-Bergman are manufacturers of wide ranging sustainable solutions for modern industry including boilers and energy heat recovery.


Cochran are manufacturers of a wide range of renewable technologies including flue economisers that work with boiler exhaust gases.


Based in Bristol, Fulton has been building energy transfer systems for the past 40 years and specialises in steam boilers and fluid thermal heaters.


Established over 25 years ago, ThermTech are manufacturers of economisers that are suitable for gas, oil, CHP and waste fired boilers.

Finding the Right Installer

The rise in popularity of renewables and energy efficient technologies has also seen an increase in the number of trades and installers providing a service to both homes and businesses. As with many sectors, it pays to shop around and make sure you get the best on offer, whether it is installing solar panels or putting in a heat recovery and ventilation system.

To find a qualified and certified installer in your area, you can search our database and follow our guide for getting the best on offer.

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