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Aug 05, 2023

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How much do Heat Recovery Systems Cost

There are a number of site specific issues that need to be considered when trying to fix a price for any heat recovery installation. This can include the age of the property, the existing system and how difficult it is to access pipework, as well as level of insulation and the extent of building/installation work required.

The price of heat recovery also varies from domestic to business installations, as you would expect. In general terms, a domestic heat recovery and ventilation system could cost between £2,000 and £7,000 depending on the amount of work needed – the fixing of pipework, for example – and the size of the premises.

In commercial or industrial contexts, costs tend to be higher due to the complexity of systems and larger scale. Depending on the specific needs of the facility, costs for heat recovery systems in such settings could range from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand pounds. A major hotel chain recently spent nearly £500,000 on a retro-fit of one of their large buildings, but for an average sized business you are looking at an investment of around £8,000 to £12,000. 


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For business premises, the price of heat recovery is more difficult to assess, particularly because of the differing sizes and ages of the buildings. The cost of the ventilation unit is one aspect but the installation process is generally complex and often more invasive than other renewable technologies, with pipe work extending to all offices in the building. A small office environment may well have comparable costs to domestic properties but larger concerns are certainly going to be pricier (and possibly offer a greater return on investment). One benefit that businesses may be able to take advantage of is the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme that provides tax relief for companies who take up energy saving technologies.

It's worth noting that while the initial investment might seem significant, heat recovery systems can lead to substantial long-term savings on energy bills. Additionally, various incentives, grants, or government schemes aimed at promoting energy efficiency may be available, which can offset installation costs.

For accurate pricing information and tailored advice, consulting with certified HVAC professionals or energy consultants is recommended. They can assess your specific situation and provide detailed cost estimates based on your needs and the current market conditions.

The Savings You Can Expect from Heat Recovery

Heat recovery systems can help reduce your carbon footprint whether in a domestic situation or for business premises. We have already mentioned that any efficiencies stated by manufacturers or installers should necessarily be treated with caution because of the variables involved, particularly in older buildings where there will be issues such as the quality of insulation. Having said that, you can get a general idea of how a particular system is going to break even on the initial investment. According to the Carbon Trust, a heat recovery ventilation system that operates at 70% efficiency will save, on average, 38% on a company’s gas bill, which could see a return on investment over two years. For domestic properties, the price of heat recovery could produce that return in around 5 years (assuming a reduction in energy bills of between 25 and 50%). Find out more about the efficiencies of different heat recovery systems here

The Rising Cost of Energy and Heat Recovery

The benefits of installing a heat recovery system stems from the fact that energy prices are set to rise in the future and we all need to make the best of the power that we use. In many cases, the price of heat recovery will be off-set by savings in efficiency and, if the price of gas and electricity is set to rise, this should improve dramatically over the next few years.

Case Study – Cascades Leisure Centre

The Cascades Leisure Centre in Portadown was built in the 1960s and was retrofitted with a heat recovery system at an overall cost of around £200,000, including installation. The savings on energy bills for the first year were estimated to be £40,000 which would see a return on investment in a little over five years. Find out more about the installation here.

Boiler Flue Economisers

Fitting a flue economiser on your boiler can reduce wastage by 5 and 15% in some cases. A system can cost between £6-8,000 for an industrial level boiler but can produce a return on investment within 5 to 6 years.

Heat Pumps

The costs of heat pumps vary between £7,000 and £15,000 depending on the type and installation requirements and offer an efficiency saving of up to 50%. Heat pumps are also eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). You can find out more about heat pumps here.

The Future of Heat Recovery

There’s no doubt that with the renewables revolution we have come to understand that countering the ways we waste energy is almost as important as developing renewable technologies. The price of heat recovery is largely off-set by the long term savings on energy bills for many of our buildings, from our homes and offices, through to large industrial complexes that produce, and lose, tremendous amounts of heat.

Find the Heat Recovery Installer

As you will now be aware, the price of heat recovery can vary depending on a wide range of factors, including the age of your property, what you use it for, and the level of installation required. If you have done your research, and are sure that a heat recovery system is right for you or your home or business, then it’s time to find the best installer. You can search for an installer of heat recovery systems using the form below. 

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