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On this page you can contact the nation’s installers with a single, simple form and a few clicks. Here you can compare solar panel prices and solar panel quotes with ease and find lowest cost panels. Simply type your postcode into the box below and select one or many local and national, trusted solar panel installers and ask them for a quotation. Using this feature will help ensure you get the best price possible and is design to save you money. It allows you to pick a local installer that can offer you the best service and the best after sales support possible. This great free service enablesyou to find the best price on solar panels for you and your planned renewable energy system installation.


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Find a local, regional or national trusted solar panel installer from the search list feature below and contact them via the form to compare solar panels. This solar panel comparison element is by far the best way to get the best price as some form of on-site survey will have to be obtained to assess if there will be any non-standard work that may have to be undertaken. Comparing solar panel prices helps ensure that the price quoted by the installer is the price you end up paying with no hidden costs.


For a home in the UK the standard install size will be 3-4kW and require roughly 25m2 of usable roof space for the installation. This size can be reduced with higher performing solar panels however. You will be looking at a spend of roughly £4000 to £6000 to cover the cost of the project and there are a variety of ways that solar panles can be funded.

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