Solar panels for new builds

Contact us today to find out how we can install solar panels to your new build projects to satisfy the law for cost price. 1.0-2.0kw Installations for £600-£1000 fully installed.

What Solar Installations are Available?

For new builds the most applicable installations are solar panels and solar hot water systems. Solar panel installations are added to new builds without the expense of replacing traditional systems. These systems enable contractors to meet current building regulations relating to energy usage for the property.


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Can I get Funding for the Installations?

The answer is YES. We can part fund the installations for new builds. We can install Tier 1 high quality equipment to properties at cost price. We can beat any like for like installation quote guaranteed.

How it works is we take the FIT payments and the contractor / builder benefits from vastly reduced related costs that add directly to their bottom line. The new homeowner will benefit from a greener home and the free electricity supplied by the system. The system will also be maintained and insured by us for 20 years free of charge!

Older Government schemes used to provide grants for solar installations in the UK. These have now been replaced by the now reduced, Feed-In Tariff (FIT).

This works by paying 4.39p per unit of electricity generated by solar panels and any surplus electricity is fed back into to the national grid. The scheme pays an extra 3.1p per unit for this electricity. This scheme is backed for at least 20 years and it is estimated a domestic property can earn over £400 a year through this scheme.

What are the Advantages?

With a new build there is often a requirement to include energy saving measures and offsets such as cheap new build solar panels. These include solar panels or solar thermal systems. Properties can be designed and built to incorporate the technology more ergonomically so they do not look to unsightly. Solar panels can often be seen as unsitely when added onto much older buildings.

The financial benefits of solar installations in new builds are significant. Modern solar hot water systems including solar thermal and the new thermodynamic systems  generate between 50-100% of the hot water requirements, for free. The new homeowners will also see a reduction in their energy bills and the properties CO2 emissions will be reduced dramatically.

Are there any Disadvantages?

Fully self-funded solar installations are typically more expensive to install and although a profit can be made in the future this fact alone is enough to deter or hinder the build process. Some builders and contractors see solar installation as risky as it may put off potential buyers who prefer traditional energy systems. There is a myth that strong sunlight is needed to power solar panels but in reality it is daylight which creates the required energy. That being said on dark, winter days significantly less solar energy will be produced.

New builds offer the chance for builders and contractors to install our significantly cheaper solar energy systems, without having to replace the existing systems that historically would have been an extra obstacle to installation. There is no doubt the long term financial and environmental factors far outweigh the relatively inexpensive cost of initial outlay.

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We supply and install solar PV systems for agricultural, commercial, public sector and private homes.

  • Housing association properties
  • New housing developments
  • Public sector buildings including council offices, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, fire stations and prisons
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Commercial and retail buildings

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