What are Roof Tile Solar Panels

Using solar panels to generate electricity for your home comes with a myriad of benefits both to you and the environment. From saving large amounts of money on your energy bills, to reducing your impact on the environment, as well as your carbon footprint, the pros far outweigh the cons. With solar panels constantly decreasing in price as well, they are becoming much more accessible.

Of course, there are many that argue that investing in solar panels and installing them will significantly change the appearance of your home. Whether it is you or a neighbour who feels this way, it can put a lot of people off the investment. This can be a particular issue in conservation areas of any kind as well. If this is the case, and you have faced trouble trying to get regular panels, then solar tiles might just be what you are looking for.

What are Solar Roof Tile Panels?

Of course, you may be wondering what solar tiles are and how they work. Solar tiles are small modules that can be attached to your existing shingles or completely replace them, it’s up to you, as well as the condition of your current roof tiles. Once they have been installed, they have a much more natural look when compared to traditional solar panels. This is because they blend seamlessly with the roof. The solar tiles themselves can be made either fromthin film PV cells or the traditional monocrystalline variety.

However, they do have slightly lower efficiency levels when compared to conventional models of solar panel, and the cost does tend to be higher. However, you will also find that these systems are available under government schemes, like the Feed-in Tariff (FIT), which will help to return the payback period for your system. Plus, with the increased popularity that solar panels are currently experiencing, the prices are always decreasing. While solar tiles may seem like a premium product now, they will soon become a conventional model in terms of price.


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The Advantages of Solar Tiles

  • Solar tiles are almost invisible. This is probably one of the biggest advantages to this specific type of solar panel. It means that there should be no issues when it comes to covering your roof, removing the concerns about aesthetics. In fact, most conservation areas will approve solar tiles.
  • Solar tiles work in the same way as solar panels to provide you with energy that is free and clean. This also means that they are eligible for the same government incentives that are on offer. This means that you can receive FIT for the energy you use, and the excess will be sold back to the grid. So, you are able to save money on your energy bills and also profit from what you don’t use.
  • Solar tiles can actually help to increase the value of your home. The demand for green energy is high, and as the tiles are very discreet, they are seen as more desirable than conventional solar panels.
  • Solar tiles are much more durable than the conventional solar panels that you mount on your roof. While solar panels can last as long as 50 years, they are rigid modules that have been secured to your roof by mental mounts. As a result, they are more prone to damage from the wind and extreme weather conditions. Solar tiles, however, are just as durable as the roof itself. So, while they are incredibly strong and reliable, they also help to protect your roof.
  • They are also a great option for new buildings and help to figure out solutions for reducing wasted roof space, as well as maximising overall solar efficiency levels. The installation process is quick, and can be done by any licensed solar installer. Plus, there are different types of tile that are sure to suit every style of roof.

The Disadvantages of Solar Tiles

  • They cannot be installed on an existing roof. Unfortunately, these panels are only suitable for new buildings, or for those who don’t mind replacing all of their current tiles with solar ones. This is because solar tiles and traditional shingle must be installed at the same time. On the other hand, traditional solar panels can be installed at any time.
  • Not every roof is able to accommodate solar roof tiles. The roof needs to be very specifically pitched and angled to be eligible for solar tiles. In this case, the conventional solar panels also have a better chance of being positioned on all roofs, even those that are considered difficult.
  • The initial cost is higher for solar tiles than traditional asphalt ones. At the moment, solar tiles also remain more expensive than the traditional panels, and are also slightly less efficient. However, the cost may not seem so large if you had plans to replace your current tiles already.

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