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At The Renewable Energy Hub, we've been on a mission to accelerate the UK’s transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Our solution is simple: to provide a free to use, one-stop-shop for information, an online forum for debate, combined with a nationwide directory of approved and peer-reviewed installation companies.

Edward Richardson and Richard Burdett-Gardiner co-founded The Renewable Energy Hub early in 2012. With a small budget but a passion for transparency and the environment, they set to work building a resource hub for renewables in the UK.

Over the last 12 years, The Renewable Energy Hub has become a leading online platform facilitating individuals and businesses looking to invest in carbon reduction solutions. Whether you're a homeowner looking to install a heat pump or solar panels, or a business seeking to improve your green credentials, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ve provided unbiased and transparent information for millions of web users, over 150,000 actively seeking to install sustainable technology. We have worked with over 1000 UK based companies and are referenced by the UK and Scottish Government, major UK press including The Independent and The Guardian and many science and education communicators across the world.

Our platform offers a comprehensive information resource designed to demystify renewable energy and make it accessible to everyone. we provide the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions about renewable energy solutions. Practical, honest, and impartial advice.

Our solution is simple

1. If you’re looking for expert advice or quotation

fill out a form on the website with your contact details. One of our experts will give you a call to discuss your requirements, property suitability and financial considerations.

2. With your permission we will then get up to three of our MCS certified companies to contact you

to provide quotation. If you’re not ready for quotation yet, that’s not a problem, we are very ethically run, and we aren’t selling you anything. We charge the installation companies nominal fees to fund the business.

3. Receive a call or email

from three approved installation companies that cover your chosen technology in your area. We cut out the cowboys and enable you to make a quick and informed decision.

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If you’re an installer, give us a call to discuss our sign-up requirements.


How can The Renewable Energy Hub help me?

We provide expert consultation without selling you anything, combined with a directory of approved installation companies. At your request, we will connect you with three vetted installation companies to provide quotation.

Is the service free to use?

Yes, The Renewable Energy Hub is free to use for people that have questions relating to renewables and those looking to be connected with trusted professionals.

Is my information safe?

Yes, Ecolocker Ltd T/A The Renewable Energy Hub is GDPR compliant and we’re serious about data protection. We pride ourselves on being ethically run and providing a service that is simple and convenient to use.

Can I contact The Renewable Energy Hub?

We are available during UK business hours for a chat, give us a call on 01392 693 900. Alternatively, use the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Is the information on The Renewable Energy Hub up to date ?

We regularly update our content with the latest information available to us. Our writers pride themselves on their work but the renewables industry moves fast. If you find any errors or outdated information in our articles, please let us know on

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