Green Energy Suppliers in the UK: Who’s Who?

There’s no denying that the future of UK energy is green. In our race to achieve carbon-neutral status by 2050, the UK is slowly starting to eschew the burning of coal, oil and natural gas for energy in favor of more renewable methods. Solar power, wind energy, and hydropower are slowly becoming a greater presence in our nation’s energy fuel mix. Around 900,000 UK households have PV solar panels installed. And energy suppliers of all shapes and sizes are tripping over themselves to bring 100% renewable energy tariffs to the market. Making your home more renewable doesn’t have to mean spending money on new installations. It can simply be a matter of choosing the right green supplier and tariff.

But just because a supplier offers a green energy tariff doesn’t necessarily make them a green energy supplier. In this post we’ll look at some of the UK’s major players in the green energy market, and why they’re so popular.

Who are the UK’s green energy suppliers?

The energy experts at Papernest have a useful guide to all of the UK’s green energy suppliers. As you’ll see, there are a great many, some of which you may not have been aware of. And while they are too numerous to list here, let’s take a look at some of the major players and how they can help give your energy supply a green makeover.


Octopus Energy has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence since it was first founded in 2015. They offer 100% renewable electricity from wind and solar power, as well as carbon offset natural gas. They have won multiple supplier of the year awards and are widely lauded for their high standards of customer service. 


Another extremely popular green energy supplier is Bulb. It also offers 100% renewable energy as well as a combination of carbon offset and green biomethane gas. What makes Bulb unique, however, is its singular ‘vari-fair’ tariff. Rather than offering a slew of different tariffs, it has only one variable-rate plan that is constantly checked to ensure that it is competitively priced.


Ecotricity is arguably the UK’s greenest energy supplier. As well as offering 100% renewable energy and biomethane / carbon offset gas, Ecotricity is also actively involved in anti-fracking campaigns at home and overseas. 

Ecotricity remains the UK’s only  vegan energy supplier as its biomethane gas is exclusively sourced from plant matter with no animal waste. While it may not be the most affordable supplier on the market, Ecotricity’s green credentials are nonetheless impeccable. 

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy is one of the last remaining municipal energy suppliers, and a great choice if you want to support an energy supplier that places ethics first. As a municipal energy supplier, Bristol Energy is not beholden to shareholders. Instead, it channels its profits into supporting local communities, helping to combat fuel poverty, and ensuring access to affordable renewable energy.

Getting to know the UK’s green energy suppliers is a great first step in reducing your home’s carbon footprint and making your energy supply more sustainable.


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