Increasing debt swamps Solar PV manufacturing Industry in China.

It is thought that China’s solar panel manufacturing industry is not currently sustainable at its current capacity, following pressure due to a substantial drop in demand.

Significant growth in the sector, due to economies across the globe investing heavily in renewable technologies, has resulted in a dramatic drop in prices recently, that European manufacturers blame on cheaper Chinese Solar PV imports.

State-owned Xinhua news agency has reported recently that the government has been refunding a large proportion of VAT to these enterprises to assist with their mounting debts.

Chinese Solar Cell Manufacture
Chinese Solar Cell Manufacture

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  1. STA continues to lead charge against anti -dumping duties on Chinese solar panels. The STA has been very active in lobbying the European Commission against anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels, both directly in meetings with the UK Government and Commission officials,and via the media. Paul Barwell and Ray Noble joined Greg Barker and officials from BIS and DECC in Brussels last Thursday to demonstrate to Commission officials the damage the proposed duties could inflict on the UK solar industry, and to convince other member states of the need to vote against duties–see press release and Solar Power Portal Friday was the deadline for votes from member states. The STA learned yesterday that 18 of the 27 member states voted against the duties, with four in favour and five abstaining (see press release). Paul Barwell spoke to The Today Programme yesterday (listen again here) and Ray Noble spoke to Radio 5 (listen again here– 56:10- 59:45). Read further coverage of STA lobbying efforts in BBC News, International Business Times, Blue & Green Tomorrow, Clean Technica, Directorship, Energy Live News, PV-Tech, Renewable Energy Installer, re News, Solar Power Portal (one, two), Solar Server and Utility Week. See also an interview with STA Director Howard Johns, speaking on behalf of his company Southern Solar, on Chinese news programme CCTV (the STA is working on further coverage with CCTV). See also blogs opposing the tariffs from Richard Branson and Professor Dave Toke, and further coverage of the issue via China Daily, Forbes, The FT, The Independent, The New York Times, Reuters (one, two) and The Telegraph. In spite of the majority vote against tariffs, the European Commission could still go ahead with provisional duties ranging from 37% to 67%. The Commission is expected to announce its decision on 5th June, and Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht has thus far been bullish, insisting that lobbying (which he believes originates in China) will not sway the proposals off course. Today, WWF, Nature & Milieu, Change Partnership and E3G published a joint position paper against the imposition of tariffs.
    (Sta news update)

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