Leading The Way in Renewable Energy

Our planet is running out of fossil fuels, and it’s no secret. As a result, countries across the world have been trying to find better and more sustainable sources of energy to keep us powered. The best way to save the planet is to start incorporating renewable energy into our daily lives until it becomes the most commonly used type of fuel. It is possible to save the world by working together, and that is just what countries like the ones below are trying to do. Take a look at some of the leading countries for renewable energy and type they are using.


One of the top countries for renewable energy, Sweden have invested in a wide range of renewable energies (such as solar and wind) as well as clean transport. They have stated that they aim to be the first country to use 100% renewable energy, asking countries across the globe to challenge them to the position. So far they have had excellent success, to the point where they actually ran out of recycling and started taking it from other countries.


If there is one thing to note about Scandinavian countries, it is how exceptionally clean they are. Denmark is no exception. In 2015, 42% of the country’s power was provided from wind farms, and that was with two offline. It broke the world record, and they plan to be completely free from fossil fuels by 2050.


Germany is the leading county for solar power (with the UK placing 8th in the rankings). Through its fantastic solar energy program, it has been able to produce up to 78% of a day’s worth of electricity through this source of renewable energy. This is especially significant due to the generally cloudy weather the country receives.


China is leading the race when it comes to wind energy (with the UK placing 6th in the rankings). This country, known for its smog and pollution, actually created the largest number of wind farms and ranks second in the production of solar energy. They have even promised to phase out the use of coal and clean their air.


When it comes to wind power, Scotland is coming in strong. In fact, in 2015 they were able to produce enough wind power to fuel 97% of the country’s household electricity needs. This is a great step forward for the United Kingdom, and one that shows hope for the future of renewables in the country.

Costa Rica

It may be small, but it’s certainly powerful. An island committed to the environment and the production of sustainable energy, in 2015 they were able to 99% of their electricity through purely sustainable resources. In fact, they are set to be carbon neutral by 2021. Its unique geography makes it ideal for a range of renewable energy, from wind farms to hydroelectric.


This hot African country was able to use geothermal energy to produce 51% of its electricity in 2015. This has saved massively on electricity imports as well as having a positive impact on the environment. With their wind farm nearly complete, this number is set to jump up by 20% by next year. A fantastic number.

To Conclude

It is wonderful to see the results that can be achieved by working together to use more renewable and sustainable energy sources. If we, as a planet, continue to work like this then we won’t be using fossil fuels much longer. With some of the biggest countries in the world leading the race, the smaller ones are not far behind.