The Solar Price Tumble – UK Racing for Subsidy Free Solar Energy

Solar panels have become increasingly popular having been installed worldwide on many homes and businesses, cutting electricity bills and generating income for those that have them via the feed in tariff.

 A recent survey suggests there are more people out there that would be willing to install solar panels, 62% to be exact of the British public saying they would consider not only solar panels but some kind of energy storage devise. Also 71% said they would join a community energy scheme – a huge percentage of people willing to back using cleaner energy if the right government support was present.

Installing renewables and joining community schemes could see your energy bills slashed and with the feed in tariff set to be stopped in 2019, the community schemes could mean a way forward for homeowners and small businesses to still offset the cost of installing.

So, it is apparent that the British public are behind reducing the impacts of climate change and there is much support for the increase of uptake if the government can find new ways to encourage people to push forward. It'[s blatantly obvious that more people could greatly benefit from green energy if more support was available. It does look, however, that with the advocation of government subsidies imminent (for solar anyway), that prices will continue to tumble and with the rising costs of energy in the market, installing solar will rapidly become the norm rather than the exception.

Sam bright said:

“Our generation is witnessing an energy transformation unseen since the industrial revolution. We are moving from being locked into large-scale fossil fuel plants, powered by coal and gas, to smaller, cleaner and locally owned energy systems”

It’s a great time to be thinking about installing solar panels as they are becoming more affordable and new technology is now available. Smart batteries now exist which means evening energy costs can be cut, so despite the feed in tariff no longer existing after April 2019, this isn’t the end of world for solar power and it is still a great way to start a greener way of life and saving ever increasing amounts money too!