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Wind/Solar array - ROI - hypothetical small commercial US installation

Started by ChipLeak, April 29, 2019, 02:40:09 AM

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I'm trying to come up with how to pose a hypothetical question in this FORUM in a way to get meaningful answers... and am really struggling with how to go about this.  *Assume revenue in US dollars and a US installation at this point.

Any advice you have is GREATLY appreciated. Or can you point me in a direction to ask the question to another forum or group?

I am seeking to calculate REVENUE generated by a small commercial installation by combing a connected wind and solar array. 

I've searched many, many US government/state/federal/utility resources and cannot find a reasonable answer as most online resources are geared for residential calculations, not small commercial.

Assuming that with net meeting a utility PAYS $.10kWh for a small commercial installation.

Assume that this wind/solar array installation has TEN 100 watt solar panels (Max output 1kw) and TEN 100 watt wind turbines (Max output 1kw) connected together.  Therefore, a combined Max output of 2kw.

Yes, I can visualize dozens and dozens of variables in the hypothetical assumption - however, I am simply trying to USE broad BASED STATISTICAL AVERAGES for output per day/week/month for this illustration.

If this array was running at the MAX 2kw output 24/7/365 and the utility paid commercial producers $.10kwh DOES this mean that this array would only EARN or PRODUCE (Pay the producer) 2kwh x $.10 or $.20 cents in 1 hour?  <<<This is what I am struggling most with...this calculation or assumption.

And I fully understand the variable output of wind and solar in a day/week/month real world application.

Therefore $.20 (or $.10kwh x 2) x 24 hours (assume the max 24-hour output) or $4.80 per day????

This is where I really struggle with understanding the math and potential outputs in term of kWh (revenue/ROI) etc. that the utility pays when you (the electricity producer) connect to the grid.

The question is really for a small commercial application - and I see tons and tons of solar installations going in all over the country on business rooftops for example. Very little small commercial wind installations...  My unique design and application is a combined wind/solar array for commercial use.

My hypothetical is NOT for a business to install my arrays - it's a fed/state gov application and use. Therefore, it will not be installed on a business site. It would be installed on a federal/state site.

Thanks for taking the time and patience to understand and read my question. Greatly appreciated - any assistance is a huge help at this point.