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I absolutely love this green roof

Started by allegrif, November 24, 2015, 07:31:13 PM

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Look at it, it's just gorgeous:

Doesn't that just look so cosy and warm?


I'm sure the hedgehogs would agree with you. I love the way that a green roof allows urban areas to retain a more suburban or rural feel, while still maintaining all the benefits of a city.

I agree that it certainly has a cozy feel to it.

St Rhenium

It's great, but we need to start seeing more of it. As it stands, the vast majority (and I'm talking 99.9%) of especially commercial buildings around here have flat concrete roofs which have massive potential but no utilisation. It's a sorry state. If the roofs are strong enough, it just seems like common sense to put something up there. We could even be growing crops in some less polluted cities if we got our act together, without using any valuable space.


I have doubts about the idea of cultivation on a rooftop. Wouldn't the plantings themselves, plus their irrigation system, create an additional load on the structure?