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Overlooked potential benefit of green roofs

Started by LucidEnergy, November 25, 2015, 12:12:23 AM

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With a lot of modern housing developments, the garden area is significantly less than were seen in 1930's houses.

Green roofs could be a way of both maintaining high enough housing density with limited space, yet still retaining extra garden space. I'd estimate about 50% more garden/green space, on the same small development plot.

St Rhenium

This would be a great benefit. I think 20 or 30 years down the line we'll start to see a lot more architectural mega projects like the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, and I think an emerging feature you'll start to see is huge communal green areas halfway up and at the top of the towers. Finally, residents of flats, apartments and penthouses might be able to get some real garden space.

On a smaller scale, if I were limited to a small plot of land I'd rather have a bungalow with a garden on the roof and easy access than a two-story house with no garden - any day of the week.


I think most green roofs in this early age are built with mainly that in mind actually. Environmental etc benefits are a bonus to them, selling it as a nice thing to have is their primary goal.