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Heat Pumps For Listed Buildings

Started by JonnyCab, November 18, 2021, 11:45:23 AM

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I have a large, draughty, listed property. Obviously I need to address the draughty bit, but there are limitations to what we can do, so it's never going to be perfect.
This site says that air pumps are not permitted for listed buildings. Presumably this is an aesthetics issue, and the assumption is that the local conservation officer is going to reject any proposal on that basis. However, we do have a large boiler room, which has large external vents in the walls.
Would installing an air pump in the boiler room affect it's performance in any way?
If we had to go for a ground pump, are their any physical limitations on the number of pumps or size of the loops?


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I have a new refurbished Grade 2 listed property with an ASHP, with the unit sitting outside.