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Solar PV load diverting switches

Started by solarsavvy, May 30, 2014, 08:21:32 AM

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Hey all,

Solar switching devices are catching up with the output of solar pvs going up. Normally any extra or idle power gets diverted to the grid for FIT payout. However the payout covers approximately only 50% of the power generated by the pv system. This means that any surplus power generated is just not paid out. The solution is a switching device that makes full use of the energy produced.
are intelligent devices that detect how much electricity generate is produced and how is consumed. The surplus power is calculated and diverted to other appliances such as immersion heaters to heat water.

Thermaldynamic man

Just to correct you on a point or two. Hope you do not mind. Extra or idle power is not sent back for the FIT. FIT is paid out on every kilowatt unit that the system generates. When the system is generating power but is not all being used the surplus is sent back to the grid. This is called the Export tariff and not FIT. This is paid out at a far lower rate than the FIT. It is always worked out at 50% of whatever the system generates. this is due to the fact that , unless you have a smart meter, the electricity company cannot afford to put meters in all the homes with solar. Because it is such a nominal amount they are willing to pay out on the basis that you will export 50% of the electricity, whether you use it all or not.
the products you are referring to are power diverters and you are correct, they are a terrific product. We supply them on every install. Even when we give away free solar panels people still want to purchase a diverter to save money on heating water. We make sure that they are set up to divert all surplus energy to go to the immersion instead of back to the grid. They pay for themselves with 2 years and are easily fitted by a competent sparky


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