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What is the best solar Panel range / manufacturer currently on the market?

Started by D Burrows, December 29, 2013, 03:43:32 PM

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D Burrows

Hello I am thinking of getting a solar panel system for my home and I was wondering what manufacturer currently supplies the best cost vs output / longevity ratios? I am aware that a 3-4kWh system will output roughly the same amount of electricity regardless of the solar panels make, but I would like clarification on the matter?


Low Carbon Energy Company

Without a doubt SolarWorld are the best panels on the market at present in terms of build quality and guarantees


For an independent view on this, Google "Photon Labs" and look for their end of year report on who is best.

SunPower is widely recognised as the best, but aso the most expensive.

Top quality Tier 1 panels from Risen, Renesola, JA Solar and Seraphim all rank highly, but your installer should be able to answer this question, provided they don't have a pile of "something" in stock they need to sell.

At the last count, SolarWorld ranked 37 in the Photon Labs reports.