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12v Turbine Wiring

Started by aharrold, October 14, 2019, 09:03:39 AM

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Not sure my solar/wind setup is working.
The solar side seems fine, but think the problem might be with the wind turbine wiring. My turbine has 2 wires, my charge controller has a 3 wire input, all 3 are green. Any idea if this is compatible, and what wiring should be?


Not sure if you got sorted with this, If your turbine has two wires it has a built in rectifier so it can be directly connected to a battery.
The "controller" you have is for a AC power Turbine 3 wires, not sure why this is the case maybe they sent u the wrong turbine ?
what kind of turbine do you have ?

I have a few videos on youtube, if you do a search for "50 amps peak" on youtube you will find my page off grid amps , I have three Chinese turbines .
hope it will help you out.