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Biomass and Pellet boiler installers in the UK

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What size and type of boiler should I go for? Read our pages on Biomass boiler system types to help with this question, however you will have to speak to a biomass boiler installer or qualified professional to answer this question in full. Speak to your installer and possibly even the manufacturer to ensure that the proposed system is adequately sized for your heating needs and affordable for your budget. What Financial factors Should I Consider? The initial outlay for a biomass boiler system is a sizable one. It should go without saying that you should always do your research and find the right system for you. Check prices with at least three companies to get the best price! Make sure you ask your installer about the various financial incentives that you may be applicable for. There are many that could help you both in the short term with your systems sizable initial investment and in the long term with RHI payments. Find a reliable local fuel source and price it up in your budget. The price of Biomass fuel can vary dramatically from one supplier to another. This price fluctuation is usually based on the availability of the fuel in the locality of the system. Ask your installer for advice on local suppliers and use this website to find Biomass fuel suppliers of all types in your area. Is your Biomass System for Non-domestic use? Read more about the Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Do I Need Planning Permission? Unless the flue exceeds the height of the roof by more than a metre you will most likely not need planning permission. However it is always worth asking your installer about this. If you live in a listed building you may need to check with your local planning authority as to whether or not consent is needed. Building regulations may need to be adhered to. Your installer should be able to give you all the information you need but it is always worth checking with relevant authorities, more information on this is available on the Planning Portal. Is a Biomass Boiler Suitable for my Property? We provide a wealth of information to help you answer this question Is a Biomass Boiler Suitable for my Property?However due to site specifics and individual factors you will need to have a professional come to the proposed systems location and evaluate for you. Always get at least three install companies to quote and advise FOR FREE. Installers should be able to tell you everything you will need to know about how your proposed system will run, its costs and efficiency, and should do so in a polite and informative way. To search for installers in your area click Find me a Biomass boiler installer. What are my Chosen Installers Credentials? Always ask your biomass boiler installer what credentials he/she has before agreeing the project. Some credentials are essential if you want to be eligible for financial incentive schemes. Class marks and standards approval are set up to help you choose a competent and experienced installer. Click HERE for all the information you need to know about Biomass installer accreditation and certification.

Is my biomass boiler installation project managed?

Ask if the company will project manage the whole job and coordinate any construction work that might be part of the process. This will help deliver you a properly matched and balanced system that will operate at a higher efficiency.

Is my biomass boiler compatible with existing and future systems?

Ask if the company will liaise directly with the installers of any new heating system such as under floor heating. It is critically important that these two systems are designed with each other in mind.


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Ok all is good, what do I do when I have decided to invest in a biomass heating system?

Choosing a biomas boiler installer or a maintenance team for your system can seem a bit daunting. We provide a vast list of UK based installers that are coupled with a ratings and review system to help you choose. The best option is to look for a well-established company that provides a prompt, courteous and reliable service. If you are getting a company to come out and talk to you about a proposed system or to check out a problem with a current system, ask them if there is a service charge, just in case you decide you don’t want to use them. Beware of any heavy handed selling techniques, such as pressure to sign a contract on the day or persuading you not to get any further quotes. All MCS-certified installers agree to a code of conduct that bans high-pressure selling techniques this is called the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. This feature allows you to find a local or national Biomass system installer. You can ask them for information or to visit you, have a chat and give a free, no obligation quotation. Search our database to find installers of Biomass Systems that service your area using the box below.

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