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Apr 21, 2023

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UK's Green Roof Installers

Installers of Green Roofs

The good news is that the number of installers of green roofs in all their varieties are starting to grow in number as we all get the sustainability bug. As with any industry there are always the good suppliers and the ones you need to steer clear of, which is why Renewable Hub has developed its database system so that you can search for the most reputable installers in your area. Whether you are looking to improve your business by providing a green space on your office rooftop or a householder who wants to benefit from a garden on the roof that saves you money on your fuel bills, there are some things that you should consider first before you contact any installers. First of all, do your research. There’s plenty to know about green roofs and what to look for in an installer as well as what you need to make a success of your installation. Simply put, having a good grasp of the facts gives you a better chance of picking the right green roof installer for you needs. Is your roof suitable to go green? Green roofs need a fairly flat roof and you need to consider such things as the strength of the beams and whether they can take the weight of a wet garden on top. What function do you want it to perform? Do you want a space where people can walk or something that will attract local wildlife? And how are you going to maintain it over the years (a green roof is for life, not just for Christmas). What sort of green roof are you going to install? There are two main types of green roof, intensive and extensive, and they both have their merits and downsides. You can go one step further and opt for what are called brown roofs that attract certain species of animals and insects. Green roofs aren’t the only option to consider either, there are green walls too. What’s your budget for your green roof? It’s not easy to put an exact cost on your green roof and there are a lot of variables to consider. A simple, small installation may well be in the region of £500 but larger ones will have the involvement of designers as well as professional installation fees.

Where to Find the Best Installers for Green Roofs

If you have decided that a green roof is for you, the next step is to search for green roof installers in your area. With the growth of the industry in recent years, it’s still just as important to make sure you are getting a company that knows what it is doing. Our database will allow you to search and view all the ratings and reviews for a particular green roof installer close to you.


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What to Look for in a Green Roof Installer

Installers/designs of green roof systems There are currently no accreditation bodies for green roof companies but the industry has produced a code of conduct that any reputable installer should be aware of. It’s a good idea, as we always say, to make yourself familiar with this code so that you can ask the right questions when an installer comes to look at your property. It’s wise to write down a few questions that you want to ask from your research and this should include finding out:

  • How long the company has been installing green roofs.
  • Who are their other customers and whether you can contact a few or pop along to see their installations.
  • Whether they are attached to any trade association.
  • Whether they have liability insurance.

It’s not in the interest of a reputable green roof installer to carry out a shoddy job so they will undertake a full survey of your roof and raise any concerns if they feel the structure needs to be strengthened. They will also have a good knowledge of the right plants for your location and they will need to have a preliminary maintenance program that ensures the roof beds down properly over a period of months.

Choosing a Green Roof Designer

For bigger installations, you might like to employ a qualified landscape designer to put all the plans together. This may be carried out by the green roof installer if they are used to dealing with big projects, especially in urban areas, but you might have to bring two separate parties together. The planning stage will include the look of the green roof as well as the types of plant that are going to be incorporated.

How to Avoid Dodgy Green Roof Salesmen

Every industry has them and they can be quite daunting if you haven’t come across their kind before. If you are of a nervous disposition then it’s fine to invite a friend or family member to be with you during any consultation. The main things that over-zealous salesmen are guilty of are:

  • Offering deals on the price if you sign there and then.
  • Outstaying their welcome and pressurising you into buying an installation from their company.
  • Not having answers to even the most basic questions (which is why you should always do your research beforehand).

You can help reduce your chance of getting a rogue trader by searching for installers for your green roof through our database and checking out what they have to offer.

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