3kW Solar Panel Systems

About 3kW Solar Panel Systems

You may not know it, but you can save money and make your home more energy efficient by installing a 3kW solar panel system. These systems tend to be ideal for medium-sized homes that contain two or three people.

When you start looking into purchasing these solar panels, there are a number of things that you should consider. A certain solar power system must be chosen, depending on the amount of space that is available for installation. For example, the 1kW and 2kW systems are the smallest options and are the most commonly found in smaller households. You can read more about the 2kW system here.

The size of the solar panel system that your end up getting will be limited by the size of the roof on your house. A 3kW solar panel system does require a roof space of at least 21 square meters or more. The belief that the larger the installed system, the more energy will be generated, is indeed true. The ideal position for the installation of the panels is on a south facing portion of the roof, so this will also determine how many panels can ultimately be installed.


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Cost of 3kW Solar System

The price can vary, depending on the different solar panel types available to you as well as the amount of space that is being taken up. The more efficient the solar panels are; the more savings you will see in the long run. On the UK market, a 3kW solar panel system tends to range between £4,500 and £7,500. This figure includes the cost of installation.

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Energy Output

A 3kw solar power system tends to consist of 15x200W solar panels, or 12x250W solar panels. A 3kW system will also produce around 2,500kWh of electricity per year. This means that you will benefit from approximately £450 of savings per year on your electricity bills, as well as earning from the FIT. Due to the excellent levels of energy that are produced each year, the 3kW and 4kW solar panel systems are the most commonly used in UK households.

Feed-In Tariff (FIT)

When you start looking into investing in solar panels, the financial benefits that come with it should be something that you take into serious consideration. The energy that is produced by the panels will not only heat your home and power appliances, but it can also be sold back to the National Grid. The larger the size of the installed system, the more energy can be produced and sold.

The FIT is a rate that is agreed when you first buy your solar panels for your home. It is paid to you for each kWh that you generate. If excess energy is produced and sold back to the National Grid, a separate rate is received for that. The amount that is received depends on when the tariff was taken out, as well as how much energy has been generated by the domestic solar panels.

Advantages of the 3kW Solar Panel System

Over a period of time, the 3kW system will generate more revenue than the smaller 2kW and 1kW systems, although the period will be a longer one. Generating more power means that energy bills will be reduced over the foreseeable future, and so the investment will be earned back over a shorter period of time as well

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