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What Are Solar Cells?

Solar cells are a series of components that, when placed together, form a solar panel. Ultimately, they create a solar panel system. They are also known as photovoltaics due to the PV technology that is used. The technology allows the cells to generate electricity directly, simply by gathering natural sunlight. You can find out more about how they work here.

However, the efficiency of solar cells that are being sold in the domestic market are still quite low at around 20% on a good day. Of course, technology is advancing all the time, and the efficiency can be expected to increase as breakthroughs are made. Alongside this, the prices will continue to go down – allowing more people to go solar. Solar panel systems are not only fantastic for the environment; they can also save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills.

Solar Cell Prices

It can often be difficult to put a price on solar cells, especially as the price usually includes the entire array and system. The technology is still relatively new in the big scheme of things, and so this is reflected in the price. Even though the costs are 99% lower than they were in the 1970s, the cheapest system is likely to cost you around £6,500.

While the price of solar panels is still set quite high, there are several government schemes that help to encourage people to go solar. There is the Feed-In tariff (FIT), which pays you for generating your own clean electricity. You also have the potential to get your solar panels for free. If you opt for this, then you will not be able to benefit from the FIT rates, but you will still save money on your energy bills.


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The Cost of Solar Cells Will Continue to Fall

At the moment, the price of solar cells is still quite high. However, the development of new technology will allow manufacturers to lower prices and make the produce more widely available to a larger audience. As these new forms of technology are discovered, so are new ways of making solar panel components. So, in the near future, it looks as though solar cell prices will certainly continue to decline.

At present, the materials required for the production of solar cells are expensive and do cause some pollution during the manufacturing process. The need for new ways of manufacturing solar cells is definitely needed. They will improve affordability, but also ensure that they are made from materials that are eco-friendlier than the current ones.

Buying a Solar Panel System VS. Free Solar Panels

Why Should You Buy Solar Panels?

  • If you have the funds to cover the initial investment, then it makes perfect sense to buy solar panels
  • If you are generating excess energy, then you can sell it back to the grid and make more money
  • It’s great for long-term savings. The price of energy is expected to increase, so it makes a great investment
  • You will be able to take full advantage of FIT for the foreseeable future

Why Should You Get “Free” or Subsidised Solar Panels?

  • It’s a good choice if you can’t over the initial costs or are unable to secure a loan
  • If you are comfortable with simply saving money on your energy bills and not bothered by the FIT rates
  • If you don’t want to think about any maintenance expenses

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Return On Investment

Solar panels aren’t simply a cost; they are more like an investment. This is because they are actually generating electricity for you, and saving you money at the same time. While the price of solar cells is still a little high, the system generated a good amount of savings for the owner, and the FIT assists in boosting the payback period.

Here are some of the ways in which solar panels can make a return on your investment, paying themselves back and even earning you’re a profit in the long run:

  • Solar panels are able to generate pure, clean, and free energy. This saves you a large amount of money on your electricity bills.
  • The FIT pays you for all of the energy you produce, increasing your savings.
  • All of the excess energy that you produce can be sold back to the National Grid, boosting your savings even more.

Finding The Best Solar Cell Prices

One of the best places to start is with market comparison, as this offers you a great overview of the market as well as the different prices that are being offered. However, the process can be pretty time consuming if you are doing it all by yourself. As a result, you might find it useful to use our price comparison platform instead. It will match you with the best quotes that are closest to you, and from there you are free to choose the one that works best for you. So if you are looking for the best prices in the most time efficient manner, then our no obligation form will have you ready in no time.

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