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CrowdHouse Energy Limited

CrowdHouse Energy Limited

CrowdHouse Energy specializes in the design and installation of top-quality bifacial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, specifically for commercial and utility-scale applications. Bifacial cells are used in these systems because they are capable of capturing radiation on both the front and rear sides of the cell, which makes them more effective in collecting light that is reflected from the surrounding area and the surface beneath the module. These cells can outperform monofacial cells by up to 30% from the same area.

The company's bifacial frameless double glass panel construction offers a durable and long-lasting solution for solar panels. This construction method safely encapsulates the collector cells and conductors in a transparent protective film between the anti-reflective heat strengthened glass panes. This not only increases the product's life expectancy to over 30 years but also provides a power guarantee of 90% after three decades.

The double glass construction also helps to prevent the spread of fire across an open roof, as it is Fire Class A rated, which is significantly better than traditional framed panels with backing sheets that are only Fire Class C rated. Additionally, frameless panels require less cleaning, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and ensure better performance as dirt build-up along the frame does not impair the cell performance.

Bifacial cells require specially designed mounting frames to ensure that the rear cells are not shaded by the racking or support beams. The frame heights are also calculated to ensure the best possible energy outcome from the back bounce or Albedo effect.

Safety is a top priority for CrowdHouse Energy. The company utilizes double glass Fire Class A rated panels combined with SolarEdge's Safe DC™ solution, which monitors and optimizes the performance of each panel while detecting faults in real-time. This reduces the risk of arcing and fire by detecting any abnormal rapid temperature increase. The inverter will then shut down the system and notify the maintenance team by email. After a short period, it will automatically restart, and if abnormal temperatures are detected again, it will shut down permanently until a technician performs a manual restart. The SafeDC™ solution also reduces the solar array DC wiring voltages to a safe 1VDC per panel whenever the AC side of the inverter is shut down, protecting fire fighters and maintenance personnel from electrocution, even during bright sunshine.

All other components used by CrowdHouse Energy are MCS and CE approved and meet the highest international standards.

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