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Welcome to Earthtest Energy, a company founded by Ashton Bennett, with over 20 years of experience and success in geological and environmental fields. Earthtest Energy offers a comprehensive package of products and services that enhance comfort levels inside buildings and dramatically reduce heating costs through geothermal or ground source heating.

The UK's diverse geological strata, from hard bedrock in Scotland to Alluvial sands and clays in the South, affect the economics of installing a ground loop and the thermal efficiency of heat extraction. Different soils and rocks have thermal properties that can vary by a factor of 6, and the moisture content of the ground can further affect thermal capacity and conductivity by a factor of 8.

Ashton Bennett's expertise in Geology and Hydrogeology enables us to interpret the prevailing ground conditions throughout the UK and design the most suitable and efficient method of heat extraction. Our team determines the length of the ground loop required based on the thermal capacity, conductivity, and temperature of the bedrock.

To learn more about the geological map of Britain and the ground conditions that influence geothermal energy efficiency, please visit our website.

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