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Root3 Lighting Ltd

Root3 Lighting Ltd

Root3 is a company that specializes in integrating lighting and controls. They provide modern LED lighting systems and the latest lighting control solutions for businesses of any size and complexity. Root3 works with all types and sizes of businesses across various sectors and has been chosen as a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier for their track record in designing and delivering high-quality lighting solutions.

One of Root3's unique services is visiting their customers' premises to record their existing lighting and light levels. From this, they put forward a business case for an LED lighting system to help save their customers money and reduce energy usage. Once a lighting solution has been designed, they calculate the extra benefits in terms of return on investment that can be produced by adding daylight harvesting and presence detection (PIR) into the project.

Root3's IoT-based lighting control systems can be deployed as a new system into a building or retrofitted into an existing lighting control system as an upgrade. They only buy directly from some of the best lighting factories located in the UK and specify all the components in their manufactured products to offer top-quality finished LED light fittings that are built to last.

Root3 covers various sectors such as industrial and warehousing, office and commercial, retail, education, hospitality, and sports and leisure. Their latest LED lighting combined with their state-of-the-art connected light "Smart" systems can offer building occupiers huge energy savings, superior control and management, remote building monitoring, and remote emergency light testing. The opportunities for their customers are endless.

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