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SRM Renewables Ltd

SRM Renewables Ltd

SRM Renewables Ltd is a company that specializes in renewable energy solutions, with a strong focus on solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. The company was established by the same team that founded Stroma Group, an organization that specializes in building energy and sustainability, over two decades ago. In 2010, the team set up Stroma Energy Ltd, a solar PV subsidiary that experienced significant growth in line with the UK market, driven by the Feed in Tariff.

Following the sale of a controlling stake in Stroma to LDC in 2014, SRM Renewables was incorporated to take over the solar PV assets and business that were retained by the founders. Over the years, SRM Renewables has expanded its expertise and added heat pumps to its portfolio, installing both ground source and air-source heat pumps on various major social housing schemes.

Today, SRM Renewables has renewed its focus on domestic and commercial PV and battery storage offerings and is once again on the rise. Based in West Yorkshire and part of the Mysing Group, the company is staffed by experienced renewables experts who are always happy to assist in exploring ways to significantly reduce electricity costs, protect against power outages, and contribute to environmental conservation.

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