Legislation regarding Heat Recovery and Ventilation Systems


The legislation that governs the installation of heat recovery systems is in many cases the same as that which governs conventional heating technologies. Nonetheless, as the British government strengthens its commitments to carbon reduction, there are certain pieces of legislation that are particularly applicable to heat recovery technology.

One such piece of legislation is the new Part L of the UK’s Building Regulation, which stipulate that new houses be almost hermetically sealed and highly insulated. This makes the use of a MVHR system especially useful, even essential, as continuous ventilation is required.

A combined heat recovery and ventilation systems is a good way to reduce a building’s Dwelling Emission Rate (DER), which forms part of a new energy efficiency rating introduced under the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). The CSH is a government initiative which seeks to reduce carbon emissions by providing a national standard for the construction of new homes.

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