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Apr 21, 2023

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Insulation Installers in the UK

Insulation Installers

There’s no doubt that having the right insulation in your property can help reduce your heating costs and make your home or business a more environmentally friendly place. It’s seen as the minimum that we should all be doing to reduce our impact on the planet. There is plenty of support out there too with financial plans such as The Green Deal that can give you a low cost loan to undertake improvements. If you are able bodied and you have the necessary finance, you can do the loft yourself, either buying rolls of insulation online or from a nearby hardware store. If you need financial help to warm up your home and take out something like a Green Deal Loan, then you will need to employ a certified installer.

Getting Free Insulation

If you are taking advantage of the various scheme from power companies to have free insulation put in then they will normally recommend their own contractors to undertake the job. Companies like British Gas will complete the job free for you whatever your circumstances though you may have to wait for the work to be carried out. Other companies have stricter eligibility rules such as you need to be earning under the minimum wage or be on certain kinds of benefits. Find out more about getting free insulation installed.


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Taking Advantage of the Green Deal

The Green Deal is an initiative whereby you can get improvements to your home to make it more environmentally friendly and pay for the work through a low cost loan that is added onto your electricity bill. The work can include insulation installation as well as double glazing, putting in a new boiler and other energy efficiency measures. If you are unsure how much work your home needs then it is a good idea to undertake a Green Deal Assessment which will give your property an energy rating certificate and suggest ways to improve. Find out more about the Green Deal.

Find your own Insulation Installer

It’s always difficult to try and find the right installer who knows what he or she is doing. You can now search our online database for an installer in your area and check out their ratings and the services they offer. Before you hire a particular insulaton installer it is a good idea to choose one that is with either or both of the National Insulation Association (NIA) or the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA). TheNIA represents all reputable companies in the insulation industry including manufacturers and installers and provides a great deal of information on getting the right work done on your home. For cavity wall insulation the CIGA is an independent body that provides a guarantee for installations from its registered members. Obviously something like external wall insulation is a much bigger and more costly job than simply having your loft lagged. Organisations that undertake this should be members of should be theInsulated Render and Cladding Association as well as the National Insulation Association.

Dealing with Insulation Tradesmen and Salespersons

  • First of all, as we like to repeat on the Renewable Energy Hub, it pays to do your research first when starting your search for an insulation installer. If you’ve undertaken something like a Green Deal Assessment, then you’ll have a good idea what you need to do to make your home better insulated.
  • Secondly, it’s a good idea to get more than one quote from insulation installers in your area and compare like for like.
  • Thirdly, you should check that the installer has a good reputation and that they have the right certification for their trade.
  • And finally, beware of overzealous sales reps who try everything to get you to sign a contract on the first meeting.

Good insulation lies at the heart of any eco-friendly home and can help reduce bills over the long term, keeping that valuable heat where it belongs. With energy bills set to rise in the next few years, it’s a good idea to make sure that your home or business is as energy efficient as possible. For sprayed or injected polyurethane foam installations, choose a registered installer member of the British Urethane Foam Contractors Association. Search our insulation installer database here or compare their prices below:

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