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Wind turbine and solar

Started by freeflow, May 09, 2022, 09:44:48 AM

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Hi looking for some advice and info, I am using a 3KVA/2400W Solar Inverter with two series batteries and 2 solar panels each capable of 320w. The inverter is a grid tie-in and ups style design with an Mppt charge controller. My question is, I like to also add a wind turbine for nighttime charging, are i am correct in saying that all i need is a wind turbine charge controller to charge the batteries or will this give back feed into the solar charge controller and what cables would i need to connect the charge wind turbine controller to the batteries, same size as to the inverter or can they be smaller? Also what happens when the batteries get full? Do I need a dump resistor, will the charge controller be enough? Wish to avoid overcharging.

Any ideas or tips are welcome.