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TheHeat Ltd

  • TheHeat Ltd has been established in 2008. Company specialize in split type heat pumps also known as bi-block. We install air to air heat pumps (hot exaust heat pumps) air to water, mechanical ventilation heat recovery and solar hot water.

    We are fully trained and certified heating and refrigeration engineers. This unique combination allow us to legally install split type heat pumps, maintain and repair any heat pump including refrigerant circuit.

    Advantages of split type heat pumps:

    - outdoor unit can be located 20 meters away from indoor unit, so if you don't want your heat pump to be installed next to your house but somewhere in garden (befind garden shed) split type is your answer.

    - no need to add antifreeze to entire central heating system. Antifreeze can add hungreds of pounds to your installation bill and must be periodicly replaced. If you fail to add correct amount of antifreeze your heat pump could be damaged during power shortage in cold weather conditions. Antifreeze reduce heat pump efficiency by up to 8% due to heavier load on circulating pumps.

    - split heat pump suffer very limited efficiency loss as heat exchanger is located indoors.

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