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  • At BSW we are acutely aware of our environment and believe it is our responsibility to promote renewable energy technology, enabling our customers to benefit from a lower carbon footprint and reduced energy bills. We seek to provide sustainable, renewable energy systems, to generate electricity or provide low carbon heating and hot water for the home.

    With government backed schemes such as the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), installing renewables has become even more beneficial. These schemes reward end users through periodic tax-free payments, based on the heat load of the property for air source heat pumps and biomass systems or the amount of electricity produced by a solar PV system.


    BSW are qualified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and only use MCS approved products, ensuring all work carried out by us is eligible for the RHI and FIT schemes. We proudly supply and install the best renewable energy systems for your needs including Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, Air Source Heat Pumps and Biomass Boilers.

    Whether you want to generate electricity or reduce your reliance on oil or other fossil fuels for heating and hot water, there is a suitable renewable energy system for your needs. We supply Solar PV for generating environmentally friendly electricity as well as Air Source Heat Pumps and Biomass systems to provide heating and hot water. These systems can also work together to create a highly economical system based on renewable energies.

    “I am proud to work with a dedicated team who have built the renewables department on first class service, unrivalled experience and value for ;

    “It would be great to talk to you and see how we can help with your heating requirements”


    Benefits of renewable energy

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    Modern renewable energy systems all come with cost saving benefits compared to conventional heating and electrical systems. Whether you go for a Biomass Boiler, Air Source Heat Pump or Solar PV, below are just some of the benefits you may receive:

    • Reduced energy bills
    • Eligibility for government backed incentive schemes
    • Reduction of your carbon footprint
    • Improved efficiency energy system

    Why BSW?

    BSW are a family run business that take pride in providing high quality, honest services to customers. We do not believe in hard selling or recommending services that are not of benefit to you, we want to provide expert advice tailored to your needs.

    As an MCS accredited business you have the reassurance that any renewable energy system we install for you will be to the highest standard and eligible for either the Domestic RHI or FIT schemes (dependant on the product you have installed).

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