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Treco Ltd

  • Treco Ltd

    Biomass Boiler Heating Systems

    Treco launched in 2005. We have been at the forefront of the UK’s specialist biomass boiler industry for over 8 years and are a leading national renewable heating player.

    We have designed, supplied, installed and continue to commission and maintain hundreds of complete biomass boiler heating systems nationally. These include commercial, domestic and district heating applications (where several buildings are heated by a single biomass boiler).

    In this time, we have specified, supplied, fitted and and continue to maintain and commission several hundred biomass boiler systems from Land’s End to John o Groats. Our clients include those planning commercial, domestic and district heating applications (where multiple buildings are heated by one or more biomass boiler heating systems.

    This length of time and volume of successful installations makes Treco one of the UK’s oldest and most experienced biomass boiler ;This means we have literally seen most types of installation scenario and have fitted everything from simple log systems to large-scale district heating systems. This background put us in a good place to help you to develop the best system for your project.

    Get in touch today and we’ll show you specifically how a biomass boiler heating system can help you gain commercial or domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments worth several thousand pounds a year.

    We can also show you how you can save up to 80% on your fuel costs and save up to 98% on your emissions from moving to biomass from fossil fuels.

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