Month: September 2014

Solar Panels On Homes

How Solar Energy Works

Our planet revolves around the sun at just about the perfect distance to provide the optimum conditions that sustain life. The light from the sun contains vast amounts of energy, which, when it hits an object, causes heat to be transferred. But with some materials found on Earth, sunlight has another, equally profound effect – it turns on the lights.…

Solar Panels direction

Are Your Solar Panels Facing the Wrong Way?

According to researchers at Loughborough University, people might have spent thousands of pounds investing in solar panels only to find that they are not facing the right way. The excepted wisdom for a while now has been that panels should face south to collect the most amount of energy. Professor Ralph Gottshalg has undertaken some studies suggesting that adding east…

The Winds of Change?

The Future of Wind Turbines They seem to polarize opinion in a way that no other renewable technology does. They are a blot on the landscape or the future of energy production in the UK. Whatever you think of them, wind turbines are here to stay and they have become a part of our landscape in a way we would not…

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