Month: November 2014

UN and Renewables

Who’s Top of the Renewable League?

It’s generally accepted amongst those who are passionate about renewables that a number of governments have been dragging their feet when it comes to implementing green strategies that see us all being less dependent on fossil fuels. The UK, despite the financial crisis and cut backs, has managed to forge forward but others, who you might expect to embrace new…

Onshore Wind Farm

Is it Time to Stop Knocking Wind Turbines?

They’ve come in for a good deal of criticism over the last few years or so, called hopelessly inefficient by some and an ugly blot on the landscape by others. Wind turbines seem to polarize everything that is good and bad about renewable energy production for both detractors and supporters. For its supporters, wind turbine technology is our hope of…

Commercial Solar Panels

Are Solar Farms Affecting Food Production?

One of the major benefactors of the development of solar power in the last few years has been farms that have allowed some of their land to be used for large, financially productive solar plants. For many landowners it is seen as a viable proposition to bring in extra money from a clean, renewable energy source. The problem is that…

Proposed tidal lagoon for Swansea Bay

The Tide is High in Swansea

The Proposed Tidal Lagoon The development of a power generating tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay could see similar projects popping up around the UK coast if it is successful. According to the BBC, the project to build a plant that can produce 240 MW and provide electricity for over 120,000 homes has attracted investment from the Prudential who are putting…

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