Month: July 2016

Ozone Hole Arctic

Renewable Energy in the UK

Recently, it has been reported that our planet has been making some slow progress towards healing itself. The ozone layer has closed a tiny bit (which is still great news), and the planet is become cleaner each year. Of course, we cannot expect to see results overnight, and the process of global warming has been massively increased by us. However,…

The World

Leading The Way in Renewable Energy

Our planet is running out of fossil fuels, and it’s no secret. As a result, countries across the world have been trying to find better and more sustainable sources of energy to keep us powered. The best way to save the planet is to start incorporating renewable energy into our daily lives until it becomes the most commonly used type…


Tesla Wants to Buy SolarCity: Storage and Power Production Perfectly Combined?

News recently that car company and battery maker Tesla were looking to buy the biggest US solar company hasn’t come as a surprise to many in the renewables industry. On the surface it makes perfect sense considering Tesla have been at the forefront of developing the battery technology that could revolutionise clean energy production in the future. The Upside of…

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