Month: August 2017

Offshore Wind

One of the Largest Investors Backs Renewables

It’s a sign of the times that more and more people who invest are starting to focus on renewables. Of course, the stock market is all about making money and there’s no room for sentiment if you want to make a profit. The news that one of the world’s largest investors, Morgan Stanley, backs renewables will provide everyone around the…

a greener life

The Renewables Buzz: The future of green energy

The last few years have been anything but straightforward when it comes to renewable energy. With seismic changes across the globe, including close to home after the Brexit decision to leave the EU, as well as the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, you could be forgiven that things might be coming off the rails. The Conservative government…

energiesprong homes

Is it time to invest in renewables?

There are several reasons why the renewables sector should be a sound investment now, even if you’re a confirmed climate change denier. When big players like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are putting their billions into renewables and 1 in 5 dollars are being invested in this area generally, you know that there’s something going on. Since the climate change…


Waste Wood as a Biomass Fuel

In 2010, the UK’s annual arising of waste wood generated by households and businesses was estimated at 4.1 million tonnes.  About 2 million tonnes were diverted or recovered from the waste stream for recycling or energy recovery but the remainder continues to be sent to landfill, resulting in considerable environmental and economic costs. Recycling companies currently pay thousands of pounds…

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