SunPower Breaks the 400w Barrier

A new generation solar panel has officially been launched, the panel made by SunPower is called A-series. The solar panel is available in the united states and is capable of 400-415 watts. In Europe the maxeon 3 is available at 400watts.

Image courtesy of SunPower

It is claimed by sun-power to be the first solar panel to offer such a high wattage and can deliver 60 percent more energy than other panels. Less of these panels are needed to produce the same amount of energy as other solar panels, meaning they are more efficient, and less roof space is used.

SunPower as well as claiming they are the first to offer 400 watts also say their panels are hard wearing and stand up to the elements well, meaning less damage to the panels which usually result in maintenance or new panels being required.

Maxeon solar cells have been painstakingly perfected and tested to create these super cells that offer more power and more reliability. Savings from using these new cells will far exceed those of the average solar panel, most only offer 300watt at best. Another feature of the new systems is the new micro inverter, they claim this is 60 percent lighter than their previous inverters

We have been seeing the future of solar evolving over the last few years and this is another step forward for the technology. New materials have been used to create these highly efficient solar cells and offers a more advanced technology that absorbs more sunlight than ever before. And with the weather ever changing and becoming more extreme their durability is important.

SunPower are understandable proud of their creation saying:

“SunPower is introducing the world’s first 400-watt residential solar panels as most in the industry are just crossing the 300-watt threshold for home solar”  –
Jeff Waters, CEO of the SunPower Technologies